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Mark Denton Bevens

/Mark Denton Bevens
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I can help with that………….

Improve your relationships, Increase your well-being and vitality, and live a life of wealth and abundance. Rid yourself of unwanted habits like smoking and overeating, and limiting beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t…’ Even phobias and Anxiety can be crushed with ease!

‘Think that’s all too good to be true? Then you could miss out on the chance to discover the most empowering set of ideas, tools and techniques that I have pulled together over my 30 years in the Personal Development world.’

According to, Mark Denton Bevens is the UK’s Number One Breakthrough Coach. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotist and Hypnosis Trainer, a certified Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner and Master Coach. He has a diploma in Psychotherapy and is a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. Mark has been around some of the best trainers on the planet, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Tad James, Brandon Bays, David Shephard, Brian Mayne, Andy Harrington and many, many more…

‘So when I say that I can help you improve every aspect of your life, I know what I’m talking about.’

The systems Mark uses are all at once scientific and academic as well as esoteric and meditative.

From bespoke 4-hour Breakthrough Smoking or Weight Loss Sessions, to his 90 minute Phobia and Anxiety busting sessions. Mark’s sessions, including his latest, working with quantum physics and coaching with Parallel Lives, are all designed with one aim, one outcome; to help you live a life that truly makes you happy, fulfilled and abundant, in line with your deepest desires.

Bespoke 4-Hour Breakthrough Smoking or Weight Loss Session
90 Minute Destroy Anxiety or phobias session
Explore Your Parallel Lives

Find out more here about Mark’s treatments

Mark is the UK’s Number One Breakthrough Coach.
He is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy.

Mark is also a Certified Master Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer and Certified Master Coach.
He is a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner, certified by the systems creator Brian Mayne.
Mark has far exceeded his school teachers predictions of “Won’t go far, won’t achieve much” which they based on his lack of academic qualifications and his lack of interest in attending their classes. He has owned and run several successful business’s. He has appeared on TV, performed on some of London’s most prestigious stages, appeared in a major financial publication, recruited and trained hundreds of distributors for an American nutritional marketing company. He has worked as a creative consultant for a major media company, writing radio ads for among others the Ford motor agency. He is an author, singer/songwriter and holder of a City & Guilds qualification with a distinction… Oh and of course he’s an academic failure that left school with ZERO qualifications.

‘I have been fortunate enough over the last 30 years to have trained under some of the most talented personal development practitioners and trainers in the world. Along the way I have discovered many ideas, tools and techniques that have not only empowered myself, but also empowered and inspired my students and clients alike.

Mark has often pondered where life would have taken him had he not stumbled upon the world of Personal Development. Certainly, as the four year old child of a financially broke single mother in 1960’s South London, Mark’s life appeared to hold very little hope for a promising future. His father had taken one look at him and headed for the door, leaving Mark and his mum to get out and get on with it. And yet the ideas, tools and techniques that he has been learning and applying to his own life over the past 3 decades have taken him on such an exhilarating journey, a journey that Mark hopes you will soon be experiencing for yourself.

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